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Sales is an area of great concern for many fitness professionals. They simply don’t want to sell, and so they avoid selling. This – quite obviously – is a massive dilemma. You have to sell if you want to build a successful business.

So, what do you do if you don’t like selling? You have to find another way.

The Fill Your Gym approach to sales is to sell without selling. We advocate a method that sees you focus on coaching rather than selling. This will lead to you filling your gym with the right people.

The Fill Your Gym System is cyclic. Sales activities precede Retention activities, and are preceded by Leads activities. Each area effects and is effected by the other two areas.

Leads, Sales, Retention

When you can sell without feeling like a salesperson, and removing all the dodgy sales tactics, you’ll find that you make more sales, more easily, and better still you add the right people to your membership.

The Fill Your Gym Sales System

The Fill Your Gym System breaks sales down into three focus areas: Define, Develop, and Do. This system dramatically simplifies your sales activities, so you can make more sales with less stress.

Sales flow

In this area, you create a sales system that allows you to:

  • sell without being uncomfortable or having to be ‘salesy’,
  • define your purchase path,
  • set your sales targets, and
  • create a solid foundation for selling ethically.

In this area, you extend on your design efforts and develop the actual steps that form your sales system. You will:

  • create your sales funnels,
  • define the framework to be followed when you sell, and
  • setup the protocol you will use to follow-up your prospects and conversions.

All the planning and development above is for naught if you don’t take action. This step is all about execution. You will:

  • make engaging sales presentations,
  • perform systematic follow-up, and
  • test and measure your results.

The systematic, step-by-step approach to developing your sales system will see you make more sales without resorting to dodgy sales tactics. It will see you get more of the right people involved in your gym.

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