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Retention is an often overlooked aspect of the fitness business. Yet this is an area where fitness professionals can make a significant impact. In fact, it’s probably the most important part of your business. It all comes down to providing amazing service.

If you truly want to build a successful fitness business you have to focus on giving your members more than they expect. A dedicated focus on your members, their outcomes, and their training experience will create loyalty, commitment, and – a bonus – referrals!

The Fill Your Gym System helps you create loyalty by providing a framework that you can follow to make sure all of your members get attention, results, and have a great time doing it.

The Fill Your Gym System is cyclic. Retention activities precede Leads activities, and are preceded by Sales activities. Each area effects and is effected by the other two areas.

Leads, Sales, Retention

Retention done correctly is invisible to your members. They don’t even know that you’re following a system. All they know is that you are interested in them, and that’s what they really want from you (on top of the whole getting fit thing).

The Fill Your Gym Retention System

We divide retention activities  into three focus areas: Define, Develop, and Deliver. This allows you to focus on what’s needed to build a loyal membership in your gym, and ensure you don’t forget about anyone.

Retention flow

In this area, you form the foundations of what makes your gym the right place for your members. You will:

  • define your gym’s culture,
  • set the expectations of the client, and
  • outline what the gym expects of each member.

By taking the time to define what it means to be part of your gym, you set up the relationship for long-term success.


In this area, you develop the components of your retention system. You will:

  • collect relevant member info,
  • develop ways to engage your members,
  • define your own follow-up protocol, and
  • investigate additional ideas to keep your clients content, excited, and involved in your gym.

In this area, you do the work that is required to show your clients just how important they are to your gym. You will:

  • deliver impeccable service,
  • show each member that they mean something,
  • go over and above to make sure they get results, and enjoy the experience.

Retention might just be the most important part of your business operations. When you serve you clients in such a way that their expectations are constantly exceeded, and you actually care about them, they cannot help but want to stay.

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