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Fitness professionals are obsessed with lead generation. It’s an important part of the business success equation. Without leads you can’t make sales. Without sales you can’t make money. And, well, the rest is obvious.

So, the question is “how do I get more leads?” And this is where most fitness professionals start getting very anxious. What if I do it wrong? What if I waste my money? What if…

The Fill Your Gym System takes the guesswork and stress out of Lead Generation, removing ad hoc campaigns and creating a solid framework to create consistent results.

The Fill Your Gym System is cyclic. Leads activities precede Sales activities, and are preceded by Retention activities. Each area effects and is effected by the other two areas.

Leads, Sales, Retention

Lead generation done correctly creates a smooth flow of highly qualified leads into your business. Done correctly the focus is quality not quantity.

The Fill Your Gym Lead Generation System

We break down lead generation activities into three areas: Define, Design, and Deploy. This simplifies things and makes decision making and action taking a whole less troublesome.

Leads flow

In this area, you lay the foundations of a solid lead generation system. Here you:

  • define your target market,
  • discover your niche, and
  • set your lead generation targets.

In this area, you add to your definitions created earlier by taking the time to:

  • craft your message using the correct language,
  • build relevant offers and campaigns, and
  • creating a simple framework to ensure no leads are missed.

In this area, the rubber hits the road. All your foundation work pays off as you:

  • create strategic campaigns,
  • publish advertisements,
  • investigate various lead generation channels, and
  • test and measure your results.

When you take a systematic, step-by-step approach to lead generation – and marketing in general – your business will be able to consistently attract high quality leads. More importantly, you will never be left wondering what to do, when, and how. All you need is the right system.

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