How To Get Off The Business Plateau

In most gym businesses there comes a time that things just plateau. And it can be very, very frustrating if you can’t work out why. And more frustrating when you don’t know what to do next.

If your membership numbers have stagnated, or you’re still working long hours, or you can’t pay yourself enough… you’re not alone. This happens a lot in the fitness industry.

The below video details a 7-step process that you can follow to get yourself off the business plateau.

Even if you’re not on the plateau you can accelerate your growth by following the same process.


Hello there, Adam Stanecki from Fill Your Gym. Today, I want to help you get off the plateau in your gym business. Now, talking to a lot of owners as I have done over the last 6, 12, 24 months… many people tell me they’re on a plateau in their business. Their membership is not growing or they’re getting people coming in but more people are leaving. Or they just consistently work really long hours in their business…

So today, I’m going to share with you, a seven step process to get you off the plateau, and it is all about focus. It’s all about being maniacally focused on one goal and then executing until you get your goal. So we’re gonna go through it.

Number one. Set your number one goal. For the purpose of this video, let’s set you a 90 day goal. So what’s the one thing that you need to achieve in your business in this 90 days? Now you need to pick a big scary goal. Something that’s confronting, something that you think maybe is too much for you to aim for.

Now, how do know when it’s a good goal? It should elevate your stress response level, it should make you feel a little bit sick in the guts, it should feel like it’s almost impossible for you to achieve it. Because what you need to do is set the bar so high, that this is a challenge

Don’t aim for mediocre, don’t aim to be average. Aim for virtuosity, aim to be outstanding, aim for the extreme. So this goal is a 90 day goal for you. Aim for something big, maybe it’s to double your membership, maybe it’s to add $20,000 a month in your direct debit intake. I don’t know. Make it a big one.

Then what you need to do is break down that goal into weekly targets, so over a 90 day period, you’ve got about 13 weeks, give or take. So you’ll have 13 weekly targets, that you need to hit. So that’s number two, weekly targets.

Under that, you’re gonna create yourself daily actions. So we’ve got a 90 day goal, we’ve got weekly targets and we’ve got daily actions. Now these daily actions, must take you to your weekly targets and the achievement of your weekly targets must get you to your 90 day goal. That’s the way it works.

That is the simple way of getting this done. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. You have to define your one goal, break it down into weekly tasks and then daily actions. Now these are non negotiables. The actions that you set for yourself everyday you must take. You must hit those weekly targets if you want to achieve the 90 day goal. It is as simple as that.

If you want to attain this number one 90 day goal, you must remove all distractions. Get rid of the 80% of the stuff that you’re doing at the moment that is not getting you towards your goal in your business. You are busy being busy. And what that really means, is that you’re doing stuff that’s not important. If you break your business down, there is always too much to do. You have to reconcile yourself to the fact that you can never do it all. You can’t do it all. And that’s okay, nor should you. You can employ people to do the work that you don’t need to do. Someone should be washing your toilets for you, you shouldn’t be doing that. Someone should be sweeping the floor, someone should be putting the equipment back in the right place, someone could be following up with your members. There’s a lot of stuff that other people can do. You’re the business owner, you’ve gotta grow the business and you’ve got a lead from the front.

So, remove all distractions. No more notifications on your phone, get off Facebook, don’t look at Twitter unless it’s a business activity. Shut your computer down if you need to You might need to pull yourself off the wifi so you can do the work. Do whatever it takes for you to focus on those daily actions.

Now don’t do anything else. You don’t put out fires. You don’t do the running around all day everyday. You just do this one daily task that will get you to your weekly target, that will get you to your 90 day goal.

Now, number five, focus 80/20. So this is all about leverage, this is all about being efficient. Focus on doing those 20% of tasks that give you 80% of the results. How do you identify that? You need to investigate what’s going on in your business. Now it’s not too difficult once you’ve got a very motivating goal. A 90 day goal. If it’s big enough you should be able to see the big picture and work out what the 20% of activities are. They’re gonna get you there and they will form your daily actions. So 80/20.

If it’s not getting you towards this goal, if it’s not getting you towards your weekly targets, it doesn’t get done. And then to create even more motivation, create yourself an upside. How will you reward yourself when you hit this 90 day goal? Will you take a week off in Bali. Will you go to Fiji? Will you buy yourself a car? I don’t know. What is something that you could do for yourself? Buy yourself a new guitar. It doesn’t matter. Buy yourself a new computer, a new phone. Go away for the weekend with your partner. Who knows. Whatever will motivate you as an upside. Create yourself an upside and that’s additional benefit. You’re gonna reach a 90 day goal and you’re gonna have an upside of going away to Fiji for the week. That’s a really cool thing. That’s number six.

Now number seven. What happens if you don’t hit these goals? What happens if you don’t hit your weekly targets? You need to create yourself a downside. So there should be a downside every week. If you don’t hit your weekly targets you need to create yourself a penalty that will hurt. It might be a fine of a financial amount. It might be something else. You might have to go and do some kind of work that you don’t like to do. So maybe it’s doing cardio if you don’t do cardio. Maybe it’s weightlifting if you don’t like doing weightlifting. Maybe it’s going to training in the gym that you don’t want to train in. I don’t know what that will be for you, but every week that you don’t hit your weekly targets there needs to be a penalty. And there needs to be a huge penalty, if you don’t hit this 90 day goal.

And I’m gonna suggest one right now. Shave your head. I’m serious, shave your head. If you don’t reach your 90 day goal, commit to going bare on the top of your head. Now if that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. Maybe you don’t care about that because you don’t have hair or you’ve already got a very short clipper cut. Alright, find something that will motivate you, maybe you have to sell something that’s a favorite item of yours or you have to give it away, or you have to destroy it. Maybe you have to cancel your holiday? Maybe you’re not allowed to do the training that you wanna do for three months. Create yourself a downside.

So, how do you get off the plateau?

Lets recap…

  • Number one, set yourself, a big, an audacious, single 90 day goal.
  • Two, break that goal down into weekly targets.
  • Three, Create daily actions.
  • Four, remove distractions.
  • Five, think 80/20, act 80/20. Do the 20% be leveraged and efficient with your time.
  • Six, create an upside. E.g., Holiday. Buy yourself something nice.
  • Seven, create yourself a downside. Penalties, every week that you miss a target and a big penalty at the end if you fail to hit the 90 day goal.
    That’s it. This is how you get off the plateau in your gym business. Now, this can make you tens of thousands of dollars within the next 90 days. It can double your membership or more, it can help you start a new gym, open the next gym. You can do so much in 90 days, just free yourself and think positive and get to it. I’m gonna leave it there. I appreciate your comments and feedback.

Go and fill your gym.

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