How To Add $1000s To Your Business This Week

It can suck owning a gym and agonising over where the money is coming from. Sometimes, we limit ourselves by believing that things can’t happen faster or there are some mystical external forces restricting us.

Well, in this video I want to show you how you can add $1000s to your gym business in just one week. Yes, it sounds over-the-top. And you might not believe it’s possible (problem #1).

However, if you suspend disbelief and take action rather than keep doing the same thing (problem #2) you stand the chance of having a vastly different business next week.


Hello there, Adam Stanecki from Fill Your Gym. Today, I just wanted to create you a quick video to help with one of the big problems that a lot of small scale gym owners have, and that’s cash flow.

It can happen for any number of reasons, but one of the things that gym owners agonise about is getting more money into the business and I want you to understand that you can inject significant dollars into your business, in a very short period of time.

If you, one, believe it’s possible. So that means, getting past your self limiting beliefs about what people are prepared to buy, what they’re prepared to pay, and how good you are at what you do. So once you are confident about that, you understand there really are no limitations and you open yourself up to any number of opportunities.

Two, you don’t have to produce a perfect service, or a perfect product. You just have to have an idea and be able to execute effectively, what you need to be able to do is deliver on your promise. And if you’re really serious about it, you wanna be able to overdeliver on any promise that you make.

Now, I have a very good friend who has closed 60 sales in a single week. I have members of my programs who have added $40,000 per year to their business in as little as 14 days. And I have a number of other examples I can give you of significant amounts of money that people have put into their business. These things are possible for you as well.

So number one, you have to believe it’s true or else no matter what I tell you from this point in, is gonna make any difference for you. So today, I’m gonna give you three ways, that you can add significant amounts of money into your business in as little as a week. Maybe it will take you two weeks, but what this is about is you having a plan, having something to offer and then taking action. And this is not anything that’s revolutionary, it’s not anything that’s overly complicated, it’s something that you can do right now. And what I’m suggesting, is you pick one of these three ideas and you run with it. And you make a commitment, to make a specific number of sales, and you take the action to make those sales.

So my first strategy for you, is to put together a personal training package. Not just one on one sessions that you sell willy nilly for ‘x’ number of dollars per session, but a package.

And you can create, quite easily, a $1000 package for 5 to 10 sessions. Maybe it’s 15 sessions. You’ve gotta work it out. I’m suggesting to you that you can do 10 sessions for a $1,000, and that can be a 45 minute sessions.

Who do you sell that to?

Identify people within your gym at the moment. If you have a CrossFit gym, or a small scale gym, or you do classes in your gym… there are a number of those people who will pay you for more attention, for better results, for accountability. And these are the people who will pay you for PT (personal training).

So your first opportunity is to upsell people who are in your class system, into one on one personal training. Now the process is very, very simple. All you need to do is identify people that are interested and have the capacity to pay you. And then identify issues that they have that you can help them with. And that’s the whole sales process. All you need to do is approach everyone individually. Or only the top 20% of your gym, and have conversations. And honestly you should be able to close 50% to 60% of the people you talked to, even if you’re not trying.

I tried this myself back in the day, when I owned a gym. And I closed 4 out of 5, if not more, people just by having one on one conversations. So you can quite easily, with as little as 20 conversations, closed ten sales into a $1,000 product. You just made yourself $10,000. Now, in terms of actually delivering, well you might need to allow, 10 hours of work per week for the next 10 weeks. But if you need $10,000, right now, you can do that. Now, if you’re in the position where you have trainers, you can get someone else to do that work. And you can pay someone else, and you will still make a profit. Now, you don’t have to stop at 10, you might be able to sell 20. You can look outside your gym, and offer a personal training package to people who are already in your leads list. So there’s strategy number one.

Strategy number two. Create a time based program for people. A “six week shred”, a “twelve week body transformation challenge”. Now, it doesn’t matter what kind of gym you are in, it might be a six week strength program. Anything you want to focus on. You identify your market, what that market needs and wants. How you can give it to them and you package that in a six week program? Now you can charge $500 to a $1,000 for that program, depending on what you include. And if you deliver that in a small group, small PT sessions, 3 to 4 people. You can start doing the mathematics on this. Maybe you sell it for a $100 a week, $120 a week, and add ons like, webinars, an online mastermind group. You can think and be creative about this. But if you look at selling a six week program, lets say for $600. And you sell 20, do the mathematics. You’re gonna make a significant amount of money. So there’s another opportunity.

And your third opportunity… The third strategy I wanna share is if you run a class based system, you have the opportunity to get people involved without having to sign a twelve month contract right up front. Now I love contracts but some people get scared off about them. So what you can offer is a no commitment entry and it might be four weeks. Twelve classes over four weeks. And you can price that at $250, let’s say. So, the people that come into that program, you market it again to people who want what you’ve got, prepared to pay for it, and are your ideal client. And offer three classes a week. Get 10 people into each class, charge $250, there’s $2,500 for each four weeks. Now you can run four of those classes, every week. Four groups, that’s forty people. When you’ve made $10,000 in a month.

So these are three ways, that you can add, a fairly decent boost to your business. Selling should be a 7 day experience. You could quite easily make $10,000 or more of sales within 7 days. And the delivery can be as little as four weeks. It might go out to 10. So you see this metrics add up.

So let’s take a step back…

What’s important here?

  • One, your belief. You have to remove the glass ceiling that you put on yourself and understand that even in your business isn’t making a lot of money right now, you can inject a significant amount of money if you do the right thing at the right time.
  • Pull the trigger is number two. Don’t aim for perfection. Just get it out there. What you wanna do is have an idea of what people want, what people prepared to pay for, how you can solve their problems and then offer them a solution.

The three solutions that we’ve talked about are: personal training, one on one in a package, some kind of program: 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks, and a method of getting involved in your classes without having to commit for the longer term. So packaging up, an introduction or an on-ramp, over four weeks, and charging certain amount of money in group scenarios. So you’ve got one on one, you’ve got small group, and you’ve got a group option.

My goal here with this video, is just to give you some information, so you can go out, pull the trigger, and within the next week, make $10,000. It is possible for you.

Now I’m sure, you’re listening to this and thinking, “How do I get in touch with these people?”

Number one, talk to your current clients first. You can upsell to them, cross sell to them, or you can ask for referrals.

Number two, look at all the leads that have come into your business that you have not closed. Call them up, make them the offer.

You’ll need to build rapport and trust again if it’s been a while since you’ve been in touch with them, but there is no doubt that you can find sales within the leads database that you have not nurtured properly.

Call your ex clients, network with people. There are many many opportunities. We can look into social media marketing. We can look into advertising as well, but first talk to the people that are already on your database. Whether they are current members, former members, or they’re prospects. And that’s where you’ll start this thing. You can stand to make a significant amount of money in the next 7 days if you pull the trigger on this.

Alright go and Fill Your Gym.

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