Five Tips For Rapid Sales Results

If you want to Fill Your Gym you have to sell. Once you’ve started attracting the right people to your gym you have to develop a skill set that allows you to ethically convince a high percentage of those people to join you.

This article presents five tips that you can use in your gym to rapidly improve your sales results.

Learn how to deal with common objections

Your prospective clients will invariably have buying objections. These are not a bad thing in and of themselves. It’s all about how you deal with them. If your prospect had no intention of buying they wouldn’t raise any objections at all. They just wouldn’t buy.

A buying objection is an obstacle to overcome on the path toward making the sale. If you are to help your prospect achieve their health and fitness goals you have to help them get passed these obstacles.

The most common buying objections are related to:

  • Money, and
  • Time.

If you want to increase your sales then you have to have solutions to these objections. You must understand why these objection are raised and how you can deal with them.

Create yourself a cheatsheet of all the objections that you hear and what works and what doesn’t when handling those objections.

Here are two ideas you can try out:

  • Ask questions early in the sales presentation to pre-emptively deal with objections.
  • Restate the desired outcomes and contrast with the objection to highlight which is more important.

Create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

You already have a dedicated database of buyers: your current clients. A portion of your client base is already interested in buying more from you. They trust you, and they want more. Your job is to find out exactly what they want and offer it to them.

It is not a difficult task to find out what your current clients want. Ask them. Once you have determined what additional problems need solving, create the solution, and offer it to your clients. You will be surprised how many will buy from you again.

Reframe your prospect’s problem

Your prospective clients have come to you because they have a problem that they want help with. You can show them that you are the person to help them by taking the time to understand their problem and then repeating it back to them in a way they haven’t considered it before.

When your prospective client hears your take on their problem they often make the jump to thinking that you know the solution. When they start thinking this way they are more likely to buy.

Take the time to ask the right questions and listen to the answers. Then show your prospect that you know how to help by reframing their problem and showing them the path to their goal.

Sweeten the deal by adding value

Sometimes in the sales presentation you might need a little bit extra to get someone over the line. Often it doesn’t have to be something all that major. So, it’s always good to have a little something up your sleeve for when it’s needed. You can even add something to the deal after you’ve already got the sale, it makes you look pretty good.

If you want to create a special offer to attract a few more sales, then add a bonus to the standard offer. You might add a few PT sessions on top of a longer training commitment, for example. The possibilities are many.

Another simple little value-add for group training is to allow your new client to start training immediately and take their first payment on the next debit run. They might get a few classes for free and you’ll look very generous.

Build rapport

People generally don’t buy from people that they don’t like. So, it stands to reason that taking the time to build rapport with a prospective client is time well spent. When you take the time to understand your prospect, they will see that you actually pay them attention. This will lead to a better connection than just running through a vanilla sales process.

Take the time to connect with your leads. You don’t have to become best of friends. Show an interest in them. Ask questions. Match their language, tone, and body language to make them feel comfortable. People are more likely to buy when they feel comfortable and attended to.


Sales is a key aspect of your business operations. Refining the way you sell and creating a framework that you can use to consistently produce results will be a big part of your ongoing success.

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