Five Tips For Rapid Retention Results

Retention activities are quite possibly the most important activities you will undertake as a gym owner. It is where you show your clients just how important they are. This requires you to go above and beyond what is standard in the fitness industry.

This article presents five tips that you can use in your gym to rapidly improve your retention rate and also the satisfaction of your clients.

Automate member education via email

Most of your members are interested to learn more about health and fitness, and specifically what they can do outside the gym to continue improving. You can quite easily deliver the information that they desire via email automation.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Write a series of emails that provide the kind of information your clients want and need.
  • Add all of your clients to a mailing list in a system like MailChimp. As new clients join, add them to the list too.
  • Automate the delivery of your series so that each client receives regular educational emails for the first month or so of their gym experience.

Remember birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions

Everyone has dates that they like to remember and celebrate. You can stand out from other businesses by remembering these important dates and making a fuss about them. Think about it: pretty much everyone loves to hear “Happy Birthday!”

Here’s how to do it:

  • Use a CRM system or a spreadsheet to record the important dates of your clients.
  • Set reminders in advance so you are prepared before the dates arrive.
  • Hand write and post cards to your client on their most important dates.
  • Create a way to celebrate in the gym. Or perhaps take them out for a coffee to celebrate.

You can take this to a whole new level by remembering even more dates:

  • Family birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Event dates

Keep the gym and facilities clean

Nothing says “I don’t care about you as a client” more than an unkempt facility. Given the foot traffic and activities in gyms it doesn’t take long for them to get messy. The gym floor and the amenities generally don’t look too flash after a day use.

Gym cleanliness is something that you should never skimp on. You’ll be amazed how much a clean, well presented gym improves both retention and sales.

Pay attention to the state of the equipment, the gym floor, the amenities, the reception area, and the office. Institute a regular review of these areas.

As the gym owner the cleaning work is not something that you should be doing. Invest in a professional cleaner. Make sure that they do an immaculate job.

Send thank you cards

When you do something thoughtful or helpful you have to admit you like receiving a little kudos. We all do. It seems that the art of saying thank you is steadily diminishing. You can stand out by making saying “thank you” a big part of what you do.

Instead of just saying “thank you” take it a step further by sending hand-written thank you cards.

You can send a thank you card for many reasons, including:

  • Lending assistance in the gym
  • Referring a new client
  • Being a long term member
  • Doing something exceptional
  • Just being great fun in the gym

A simple gesture of thanks will show your clients that what they do matters. And it will show that you are paying attention, that they aren’t just numbers, and that you appreciate them.

Write a newsletter

Sometimes just staying front of mind with your clients can help them become long term clients. There are a whole lot of distractions these days, and it can be easy to be forgotten or even be replaced. Your job is to remain relevant, helpful, and engaging.

The idea of a newsletter is not revolutionary. However, very few businesses bother with newsletters anymore. You can stand out and stay front of mind by writing a short weekly update for your clients.

The newsletter can be delivered via email, blog post, members only website, hand-out, etc. It’s up to you. The idea here is to keep your clients up to date with the goings on at the gym. And to keep them involved.

You might write a quick email that includes news, client awards, events info, and so on. And with a little creativity you can make it all a lot of fun.


Your clients want to know that you appreciate them, they want to know that you are on their side, and they want to enjoy their training experience. Your retention activities must be well managed and delivered with a focus on your clients results and experience.

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