Five Tips For Rapid Leads Results

One of the key business considerations of all gym owners is attracting leads. More important is attracting the right leads. This is an area of business that confounds many. Lead generation done properly can produce consistent, high quality leads. Done poorly leads are few, or those that do turn up aren’t right for your gym.

This article presents five tips that you can use in your gym to rapidly improve your leads results.

Add a call to action to your website

Your website is not merely an electronic flyer, it is a marketing tool that you can use to capture the details of those who want to do business with you.

Many websites fail dismally when it comes to capturing leads. This occurs because the visitor has no clear idea of what to do when viewing the site. Your site should be clear, and also offer a clear way for the visitor to get in touch with you.

You can increase the performance of your website by adding a call to action on your key pages. A call to action clearly defines what the visitor should do next.

Some call to action ideas:

  • Apply for our next program by completing this form.
  • Contact us to learn more.
  • To download this free guide, click here.

Different pages on your site might have different goals. So, develop call to action that make sense. And always trial new ideas and measure your results.

Set a budget

Unfortunately most gym don’t have a marketing budget and really no clear idea of what they should be spending on marketing. If you are serious about boosting your leads you have to create a marketing budget.

Your marketing budget will dictate how much you are prepared to spend to find new clients. Often you budget will need to be significantly higher than you estimate. Don’t be afraid to spend money strategically to get the results you desire.

To get started, first work out what you can afford. Then calculate how much each sale is worth to you over the lifetime of an average client. Now, choose how much you are willing to spend to “buy” a client. That’s where you can start.

If that is too hard then here is the simplest marketing budget ever:

  • Spend $100 on ads this week
  • When you get a positive return, double your spend
  • Repeat until you’ve got too many leads to handle (or you feel like you are spending too much)

Create a mailing list

The sales cycle can be a longer road than you really want it to be. Some people are ready to buy almost immediately. Others need to take their time. Many sales are lost when there isn’t an immediate positive buying decision. However, there are many sales possible from those who just aren’t ready yet.

One way you can remain front of mind for those who aren’t ready to buy just yet is to create a mailing list and add your leads to it. This mailing list will give you the mechanism by which to stay in touch, share your expertise, and even make an offer from time to time.

You can create a free mailing list with a service like MailChimp.

Use joint ventures

A joint venture is an agreement between your business and another business to jointly promote one or both of the businesses. For a joint venture to work both sides have to benefit.

You might approach a business and offer their clients something that they really want. The other business then benefits by providing the introduction to their clients. They look good, the clients are happy, and you get more business.

A joint venture is not like a referral agreement. You might already have these in place with someone like the local physiotherapist. A joint venture is a bigger undertaking. Effectively you will be offering something to the database of another business. So it better be good!

What can your gym offer the clients of other businesses that will benefit those client, the other business and you?

Create a marketing calendar

There are so many different marketing activities that you can undertake that it can be very hard to keep track of everything. It can also be very easy to start something and then forget about it, or to do it once and never again.

To keep all of your marketing efforts in order, create yourself a marketing calendar. This will allow you to properly plan out exactly what you need to do and at what time. It will allow you to ensure that you always have some kind of message going out to your audience so that you don’t get forgotten.

Once you’ve followed your calendar for a while you’ll also be able to analyse the trends in your marketing results. You’ll be better placed to plan future activities based on those trends.


Marketing is an ongoing business activity. You cannot approach it ad hoc. You need a strategy and a plan of action. Your marketing efforts should have one goal, to attract new people to your gym. Start managing your marketing more strategically and you will improve your results.

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