An Interview with “Commando” Steve Willis (Ep. 16)

Commando Steve

“Commando” Steve Willis is one of four trainers on the Australian version of The Biggest Loser. He has been part of the show since season two. Steve is also a well respected part of the CrossFit community having served on the certification team as well as previously owning CrossFit FX with Mick Shaw. Steve is in demand as a speaker and motivational coach and has recently released an online training program called Commando Fit.

In this interview, Adam and Steve talk about Steve’s days in the army, how he ended up on The Biggest Loser, how Steve gets people to take the first step, and why mindset and one’s mental toughness are massively important in achieving success.

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Show notes

    • Practicing a competition workout [4:35]
    • Joined the Army in the ‘90s [9:37]
    • Reasons he joined the Army [9:45]
    • Left the Army in 2004 and found CrossFit [11:39]
    • What is Steve’s self talk like? [14:53]
    • Talking about “Pain of Discipline” [22:28]
    • “Biggest Loser” [42:49]

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