“Adventures of a Fitness Entrepreneur” with Bill Kerr (Ep. 14)

Bill Kerr is the founder of AdventureFit Travel, a fitness and travel company taking people on adventures to places like Everest Base Camp, The CrossFit Games and Bali. Bill is passionate about travel and fitness, and he is creating a business that encompasses both.

In this interview, Adam and Bill discuss what Bill is building, the challenges facing young entrepreneurs and where AdventureFit Travel is headed. This is a very open interview where Bill shares his ups and down with complete honesty.

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Show notes

  • How did Bill got involved in the fitness industry [7:06]
  • What is AdventureFit? [10:03]
  • Bill’s passion for travelling [12:14]
  • Did not do any market research nor business plan for AdventureFit [18:07]
  • Plans of Adventure Fit for the next 12 months [21:10]
  • Bill’s activities during downtime [40:41]

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