“The Training Geek talks Olympic Lifting” with Lester Ho (Ep. 12)

Lester Ho

Lester Ho – aka “The Training Geek” – is becoming an authority on Olympic lifting. He is currently completing his PhD on the snatch, and is in high demand as a speaker and coach. His unique approach to the lifts is refreshing and insightful.

In this interview, Adam and Lester discuss how Lester got involved in the fitness industry, how he grew his business from a hobby and blog, how people can learn to lift better, and much more.

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Show notes

  • How Lester got involved in Fitness industry [1:26]
  • Joining the Army [3:15]
  • Kinematics – the focus of his PhD study [9:39]
  • How PhD helped Lester become a better coach [13:29]
  • The importance of positioning while lifting [17:28]
  • How to improve your lifts  [19:26]
  • Talking about the “Training Geek” [21:52]
  • Meeting Diane Fu [33:22]
  • Lester’s goals and plan for the Training Geek [44:49]

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