“The Queen of Lean” with Amanda Brown (Ep. 11)

Amanda Brown is a body transformation specialist and powerlifting competitor. She recently opened “The Queen of Lean” – a strength gym for women – and is on a mission to show women how they can achieve fitness through strength training.

Of yeah, she probably lifts more than you too. 🙂

In this episode, Adam and Amanda discuss starting a new business, strength training for women, strength training in general and much more.

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Show notes

  • The learning curve in building her own business [4:55]
  • Lifting [11:28]
  • Training for a competition in Powerlifting [12:55]
  • Amanda’s numbers in Lifts [15:19]
  • Her challenges owning a gym [30:21]
  • Dreams for Queen Of Lean [32:50]
  • Amanda’s typical day and sleeping tips [37:28]
  • Favourite podcasts [43:17]

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