“Feel the fear and still move forward” with Tony Blauer (Ep. 10)

Tony Blauer is a world leader in self protection and close quarter combat, and a well respected speaker on fear and how to deal with it. His research on physiology, and mindset as it relates to confrontation management has influenced over two decades of reality-based martial artists.

In this episode, Adam and Tony discuss self-defence scenarios, fear management, CrossFit workouts, belief structures, and what it means to be a coach.

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Show notes

  • He has been coaching for over 35 years in martial arts [7:55]
  • Difference between the fantasy of street fight vs the true emotional psychological balance of a credible confrontation [10:03]
  • Importance of self coaching [18:21]
  • Discussion about the importance of underlying beliefs structure to response to fear [23:29]
  • Discussion about economics of violence in a country [34:31]

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